For Business Owners: How It Works

Fill out the short questionnaire and provide as much details as you can

Once submitted, one of our team members will contact you to verify your answers and get a little more details about your business needs. We call this the human touch. 

Once we have the details, we will start to contact all of the accounting firms in our database and interview them. Based on your survey answers and interview, we will select the top 3 firms and send them to your inbox with all of the contact information needed for you to connect.  

If you don't find a match, we will continue our search and send you the next top 3 firms that match your criteria until you tell us you've found one or you tell us to stop sending you our matches. 

As always, our service is free.

For Advisory Firm: How It Works

Fill out the short survey and include as much details about your firm's expertise as you can. Once you submit the survey, one of our team members will contact you to verify the information. 

Once everything is confirmed and approved, your firm will best listed in our database. If we feel a business owner will be a great addition to your client base, we will contact you first to go over the details and contact information We call this the hand-off.

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